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Radio 5 Live interview proves how easy it is to get on national radio

How to get on national radio or in the press


The value of free positive coverage on radio, TV or in the press can’t be over emphasised and it is much easier to get asked to partake in interviews than you might think.  For example I’ve just been interviewed on Radio 5 Live and spoke for several minutes on marketing the UK .. but how did I get asked to do this?


Well the answer is easy and is one you can apply yourself.  You have to get a reputation as being an expert in a topic of your choice. You can do this by a variety of means.  For example you can write media releases which, even if they aren’t used there and then will raise your profile as an expert in that topic.  You can also write features or articles for magazines and papers aimed at either the general public or a specialist market or group. You can also have a great website so that when media researchers are looking for an expert and Google it they find your website.


Of course once you’ve done one or two interviews you get listed in the researcher’s “little black book” and will quickly become their first choice when they need an expert. 


All of us have expertise in something and can really contribute to the media; they need people like you and I to help them do their jobs and we can all take advantage of this fact to raise our own profile.


Good luck with getting in the media. I look forward to seeing, hearing or reading about you and your expertise very soon.



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