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Public Speaking Boosts Marketing Effort 1000% or More

One of the great ways to boost your marketing is to speak directly to people.  Speaking face to face is natural; we all do it every day.  It is also one of the best marketing tools we have and yet few of us use it to lever our marketing.


Of course speaking one to one is extremely effective. It is even more effective if you speak to existing customers as they are easier to convert into making another purchase.  The problem is that although much easier to convert you are only talking to one person .. and sometimes you need loads of people to hear you.


The answer I use to hit loads of people with my message is to speak at events, seminars and conferences – see the photographic evidence of how nearly 200 businesses attened when I spoke at Bedford College – and read how we attracted this number without spending a bean on marketing.


To get even bigger audiences I advise getting on radio.  For example on Feb 5th I was intervirewed about tourism marketing on Radio 5 Live (audience figures for R5L are in the millions) and on Feb 22nd I was interviewed about Interactive Advertising on BBC Radio Three Counties, a few days later I was interviewed on the same topic by Debbie Mcgee on her Radio Berkshire Sunday morning programme. 


Getting on radio isn't so difficult as you might think.  When ever you have a story to tell send them a media release.  That story may not be covered but you have indicated your field of expertise and are then on their radar for when they need an expert to interview.        

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