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Interactive advertising: How it Works … the facts

Plan UK obtained huge media coverage from this ad over several days –
national papers, BBC .. including the interviews I took part in.  

Interactive advertising works on facial recognition triggering an advert – facial recognition software is a bit like ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) software used by Police – but measures facial characteristics to determine gender.  


This is the tip of the iceberg though – the technology exists to send you a text
about a retailers offer when you pass a shop window – it uses Bluetooth
technology to “speak” to your mobile phone.


ANPR could be used to offer you an offer on snow tyres for you make and model of car next time it snows when you are driving.


Some of the above is intrusive marketing e.g. answering the phone and needs regulation or even banning.

This all ties in with adverts that are linked to the search terms you search for on a
search engine BUT that is in response to you actively searching and is therefore
useful rather than intrusive

 New legislation is coming in later in the year that will require website owners to
request permission to leave tracking cookies on your PC .. but many other types
of interactive marketing will escape the net.


As a measure of how much media coverage this new form of advertising obtained, not only was the ad featured in most of the daily newspapers it also had huger coverage on radio and TV.  In my own case I was interviewed about it on Radio 5 Live, Radio Berkshire and Three Counties radio.  The potential audience for these audiences alone was in excess of 4-5 million people! 


It doesn't matter if the ad worked .. the media coverage certainly did!


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