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Free Marketing: As the Magician Said to the Magician’s Assistant

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So many people complain that their marketing is costing them a lot of money and, worse still, isn’t delivering the goods.  So I want to show you a way to get in front of literally millions of people where, for several minutes, you will have their full attention.


Sounds like a dream doesn’t it.  Well this is real, works really well for me and could for you.


Three times so far this month I’ve been on the BBC, the first time was on Radio 5 Live, the second on BBC Three Counties Radio and the last on BBC Radio Berkshire.  5 Live has an audience of between 5-6 million (but of course they weren’t all listening when I was being interviewed) and the others have smaller but still very significant audiences. 


The great thing is on each occasion I was called by them.  I didn’t have to chase them to include me on the shows.  So this is a very powerful medium and one that can apply to every business I have ever come across or worked with.   You see the media needs you. 


The media needs people to interview and provide them with news.  So getting writing media releases and make yourself known to them.  They will not cover every story you send them but you will be on their radar and they will then start to call you when they need comment on a story.


In my case the last two interviews were about the new interactive advert that has appeared in London’s Oxford Street.  The first however was about advertising within the tourism industry. 


The point is you will have some form of expertise that sooner or later they will be interested in.  But they will only phone you if they know you exist .. so let them know now.    


Oh .. I forgot to mention how the magician’s assistant comes in to this.  Well this morning the interviewer on Radio Berkshire wa Debbie Mcgee who as well as being a ballerina has been Paul Daniel’s assistant (and wife).   


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