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BBC Interview: Interactive Advertising, RFID Marketing & Bluetooth mobile marketing

Want to know more about Interactive Advertising? Then listen to my BBC Interview on the use of interactive advertising in Oxford Street and how it could be in a high street near you very soon.


Yesterday the national papers were full of the fact that a bus stop in London's Oxford Street street is to carry an Interactive Advert that will use facial recognition software to show men and women different ads.  Of course facial recognition software has been around for a while; it measures facial features like the distance between the eyes, nose, mouth etc to tell men from women, but this is the first time it has been used on a London Street to trigger adverts.


Today I'm being interviewed about Interactive Advertising by the BBC.  I also plan, if there is time, to mention how other technology will soon be used to target ads specifically at you.  These ads will be based on your buying habits and could either display relevant ads to you on bill boards or send a pre-recorded message or text to your phone. 


If you think that ads based on your gender are scary then this will really freak you out.  Personally I think that legislation is needed to control some of these advertising methods .. and that they may well rebound on those using them .. they are almost akin to stalking!


So to hear more listen to BBC Radio Three Counties (BBC 3CR) just after 2 pm today.





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