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Advertising Secret Number 9: Always Check the Circulation Figures

When Buying Advertising Space Always Check the Circulation Figures

How do you know how many people read the publication you are considering advertising in?  Clearly you need to know this as there is no point paying for ads that no one will read .. but can you trust the sales rep?  


There are verified audits made of circulation figures. in the UK the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) figures provide a good guide to help you judge which paper you might advertise in.. most countries have a similar body.  Don't be mislead by figures that sales people give you like the number of readers as these are usually estimates based on an in house survey of how many people read each copy … and are not very accurate!

Just because they have a good circulation doesn't mean a paper is ideal for you.
Think about it; would you sell fishing tackle in a fashion magazine? You need to understand the profile of the reader as well as the total numbers.

Another tip is that ads in “paid for” publications generally give a better response than the free publications.

Some more about ABC


This provides an independent verification of circulation data to facilitate the buying and selling of advertising space within national newspapers. ABC has now developed into a bigger organisation and provides verification of data for a wide range of titles, exhibitions listings and databases, as well as online/electronic media.

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