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Advertising Secret Number Four: There are Two Types of Advertising


The second type of advertising is Direct Response Advertising ….. done correctly it will give you a measurable response AND raise the profile of your brand at the same time.  This form of advertising gives the best Return On Investment (ROI).



Direct Response Advertising can be split into

  • Sales promotion adverts – This gives a one off sale
  • Lead generation adverts – where you gather respondent’s details so that you can keep engaging them.


Remember there is the potential to sell your product, or a related one, to your customer more than once.  It’s true that items like groceries are purchased every week whilst a new kitchen will have a long interval before it is replaced; but if you sell kitchens you will have products upgrades e.g. new handles, drawer inserts, lighting, ovens etc you could be selling to a satisfied customer a few years down the line.  A satisfied customer who is still in contact with you is also more likely to pass your name on to others.

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