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Online Business Marketing Top Tip: Metatags


I know I keep encouraging businesses to make maximum use of website metatags but there is a reason for it.  Its a simple reason; in the Google age with so many people searching on line every second it is really important to get right at the top of the search engine search result pages.  

At the recent Online Business Marketing Workshop we spent time looking at this is detail and I demonstrated how metatags work.  The most convincing test was when I asked people to go online and search for the particular products and services I offer.  Each time we did this the attendees reported one of my websites being at the top of Page one of Google.  One one occasion the search revealed we I had grabbed the top three spots.  This is an effective form of free marketing .. it costs nothing.


I then challenged the businesses at the event to get their business on the first page of Google and the other search engines.  It may sound difficult but each business at the event have the knowledge and ability to achieve this seeming impossible task.  I'm not a techie, and if I can do this so can they .. and you.


The secret is primarily in writing good metatags and good content.  The majority of websites and webdesigners fail this basic task so the competition is much less than you might think.


One attendee was Steve Haynes of Assured Home Solutions Ltd.  Steve is a mortgage specialist and particularly knowledgeable about Residential Property Equity Release


Here's what Steve said,  "Stefan has a relaxed approachable style which enables high levels of detail to be taken on board comfortably. After my day spent on Stefan's workshop 'Online Business Marketing', my cost had been recovered that same day through changes I learned to make to my website. I will be attending Stefans next workshop, no question, my eyes have been opened to the world of marketing, thank you Stefan."

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