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Customer Care: How Much Effort do Customers Have to Make to Buy from You?

How to deter customers from doing business with you!


People are inherently lazy.  At least most of them are.  For example if they can't find what they want on your website .. in your publications ….. or in your shop very quickly they will leave.

Most business owners know this.  So do most of the people that work for them.


So why do so many businesses make it so very hard for customers to find and buy what they want?


For example I recently Googled hotels in the Bristol area and found one that looked suitable in every respect. The only problem was I couldn't work out where the hotel was.  It gave some vague directions which were probably very easy if you knew the area; but I didn't. What it didn't give was a clear address.


Now I know that seems bizarre for a hotel but it is perfectly true.  So my next thought was to phone …. the only problem was finding a telephone number.  I went to the contact us page but it wasn't there.  Finally I found it in small print on the footer of each page .. really difficult to find and read.


To be honest by this time I'd lost the will to live and didn't bother to ring .. I went to another website and booked with them.


There are of course lots of other errors you could make .. hopefully you aren't doing this.  But why not get someone to review your website and marketing materials to find your weaknesses.  Preferably use someone that doesn't know your business and will not be afraid to tell you the truth.  It could be an eye opening process .. one you can learn a lot from.


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