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Why a Great Looking Website is Bad for Business

How to Create Website That Sells .. Not a Website that Looks Good 


There are three types of website .. those built by technical experts, those designed by graphic designers and those built to sell .. by professional Digital Marketers.


Think about it, when did you last go on Google and search for a "great looking website"?   Certainly websites have to look attractive; but you want more than that. You need it to sell your product or service.  Great looking websites often fail the basic test when it comes to doing what you want it to do. This is a website design problem you don't want.


It is the same with websites designed by techies.  Sure they have all the latest gimmicks and gizmos but in designing these into the website have they missed the main objective .. the need for the site to generate business profits for YOU.  Of course you need good technology on your website but it should serve you not be an ego trip for your techie designer.


So before choosing a website designer decide on your website objectives …. start by focusing on how it is going to make you money.  Then look for a designer that can demonstrate their ability to design sites that make money. Don't just take their word. Ask for evidence and scrutinise it carefully.


There are some great website design companies out there and some great designers. Just make sure you avoid the designer cowboys and work with the good guys. 


I've posted some basic Tips on How To Choose a Webdesigner - I don't offer webdesign but I'm happy to talk to you about choosing a great designer if you contact me.  



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