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I recently hired a lorry to move some large items of office furniture and several businesses lost my custom due to a very basic mistake.


Being large I needed a "Sack Truck" to enable me to safely and easily move these large items onto the vehicle.  The problem was every vehicle hire website I went to provided vans and lorries … but no one offered the extras such as the Sack Truck I needed …. and I had to hunt elsewhere on the web for that and boxes to put files etc in.    


I must have checked out 7-8 vehicle hire websites before I eventually hired the van .. without the extras I needed.  So imagine my surprise when I went to collect the lorry and saw the sack truck I needed for hire at the vehicle hire centre.


The thing is when someone needs one item they often need something to compliment it … equipment to move large objects when hiring a van or lorry is just one example …. anyone buying nails will need a hammer and those buying writing paper need a pen! 


So make it obvious on your website .. and in published literature … that you provide everything that is required.  It saves people surfing of to a competitor's site and you will grow your sales and profits without any marketing spend or effort.


This is just one of the simple ideas I cover on my marketing workshops and over the next few months I’m running a limited number of marketing workshops aimed at businesses like yours ……. and I’d like to personally invite you to attend one.


In the East of England Effective Marketing Strategiesis the first of three workshops I’m running with Bedford College.  


In the Midlands Demystifying Online Marketing is the first of a series of workshops running at The Limes Country House Hotel, which is just off the motorway south of Birmingham.


If you’d like to attend one of these events, or would like details of an event near you .. (in the last year I’ve run events in the UK and Europe) follow the links or contact me now.


PS There are Early Bird Offers on all the above workshops


PPS I’m also taking on three more people on my one to one marketing mentor programme  .. phone me for details.

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