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More Google Adwords Marketing Advice from The Marketing Magician

 Google Adwords Marketing Tips .. continued 


4  Ensure your ads point to specific landing pages that focus on the product or sevice you are selling.


Don't ever send people to your homepage.  It unlikely to be specific enough (unless you have a single page site).  The rule is that if to see the product or service you are promoting the visitor has to visit a second page it is the wrong page to send them to.


So, If you are selling a flat in Faro and your search phrase focuses on that, don't send your visitor to a page that sells houses in the Algarve.  The Algarve page wil not be relevant to the ad they clicked on and they will lose interest if they have to search your site.  The Algarve houses page is only relevant if that is what your ads says.


Conversion rate is always proportional to the r e l e v a n c y between the ad and the landing page.


5  Don't advertise outside your target area


Google allows you to target your ads geographically.  The software they use means you can refine whre your ad is seen very precisely.  If could be a within 2 km radius of the Eiffel Tower or within Switzerland if you wish .. you decide.  The thing is you shouldn't just allow the whole world, or all of Europe, see your ad as you will be competing against a lot of advertisers and it will cost a fortune.


6 Match the language your advertise in to the country you target. 


One of my clients had me target his English language summer schools at Kazakhstan with ads in Russian.  It worked a treat.  But targetting a Russian language ad for English language summer schools at the UK is probably a waste of time!  


Bonus Adwords Tip


7  Reduce your bid before you reduce your budget

If you aren''t getting enough business from your budget, try reducing the bid amount before you reduce your total budget.


By doing this you will either get more visitors for the same budget or you will reduce your total spend.  In most cases you will actually do both. 


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