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How to get More Effective Results from Google Adwords

My Top Six Google Adwords Tips  

Using Adwords is effectively paying for visitors from the Google search engine and is an excellent way to get instant, pre-qualified visitors that can be measured.


However, you should also link this to improving your conversion rates.  You can save a fortune if you follow a few simple rules.



1  You Don't Have to get the Top Google Adwords Position on the search page!


An ad at the top of the page will get plenty of exposure (assuming it's a
popular search phrase), but it can cost more to get a higher position, and people often people bid far too much for these positions.  Position 3,4,5,6 or even lower can sometimes attract more clicks. They will also be much cheaper and so your Return on Advertising Investment is going to be much lower.


2 Think Laterally with Adwords 


You can pay pence for keywords that are mis-spelt.  Ensure you spell the words correctly in the ad but use mis-spelt keywords in the keyword terms that trigger your ads. A good clue as to what keywords to mis-spell is to look at your Analytics results and do a keyword search using a keyword tool. 


3  Use more search phrases to target your searchers  .. and ensure each search phrase is very targeted to your typical buyer.  Test the CTR on these terms and bid accordingly.


This strategy can save you an absolute fortune.  It will also increase your CTR and conversion rate if your keyword search terms are concise and specific. As these keywords search terms are very specific they will have less competition and will cost less.



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