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Free Online Marketing: Getting on Page One of Google

Top Three spots on Google Search Getting on Page One of Google is meant to be difficult.


I disagree.  With a little effort you could probably get your website there.


Let me prove this to you.


The picture above picture show a search for Microbrewery Marketing.  This is a specialist area of marketing that I set out to dominate.  This search gives me the top three spots on Google and related searches give me similar results.  This is effectively free marketing as there is no cost to dominating the search engines.


Microbrewery screen grab Within a week of this website being launched I had the top positions on Google, my first enquiry and that resulted in a contract.


With careful planning you could get similar results and I'll show you how.


I'm going to be revealing hundreds of Online Business Marketing Secrets at the Demystifying Online Business Marketing event at The Limes near Birmingham on November 24th 2011.  Early Bird places are now available so book now.

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