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Stefan Drew - The Marketing Magician

Demystifying Online Business Marketing

An Event where Online Business Marketing is Demystified by The Marketing Magician.


With so many of our customers and prospects spending more and more time online we all need to consider how we might market our businesses online.  It is something none of us can avoid.


The number of ways we can market online can be a bit confusing .. but we want to demystify online marketing for you.


So if you worry about, or just need more practical information about websites, online directories, search engine optimisation (SEO), Twitter, Facebook, Pay Per Click, Google Places, SatNav, Viral Marketing, and a hundred or more other online marketing methods we can help you.


In just one day we will explain the basics of online marketing.  This practical event isn’t all about theory; it demonstrates how businesses like yours have learnt how to use online marketing to grow their businesses and what you need to do.  More importantly online marketing will not be the mystery it was and you will have a clear list of things on which to focus your online marketing. 

Consider these online marketing facts: –

Customers use the Internet to decide where to shop and to compare products and services.  An amazing 89% of consumers go online to research their proposed purchase before buying.  Not all of them then buy online – nearly 40% then go to a conventional outlet – but the fact is they have made buying decisions online and therefore you need to be seen online.


People go online at all hours and from all locations.  The Internet works 24 hours a day and with over 5 billion mobile phones in circulation worldwide they can “Google” from anywhere .. not just from a PC at home.  Smartphones mean that over 5 billion people now have a computer in their pocket.  Today customers even check product reviews and prices whilst shopping.  This is a fact that we cannot avoid.


Most online marketing is free.  It is true there are hundreds of online marketing techniques that cost nothing at all to use.  It means there is now a level playing field; the big boys no longer have the best marketing opportunities and if you understand online marketing basics you can beat the big boys.


Your customers don’t need to be extremely computer literate to shop .. and you don’t have to be a geek to market online. In this workshop we’ll demonstrate how, if you can turn a computer on, you can use online marketing to improve your sales and profits.

So knowing the facts can you afford to ignore the situation?  Especially when online marketing is often free and you don’t need any technical skills to use it?
Online Business Marketing Demystified – Event Content


Forget the theory; this is a practical workshop and we focus on what works.  We de-mystify the “techie” stuff and make it simple for you to market your business online.
I present this practical event personally.  I’m Stefan Drew, the man the BBC introduce as The Marketing Magician.  During the event I’ll demonstrate practical examples of effective online marketing ideas that are free or very low cost.  You don’t need any high level technical skills to be able to use these ideas yourself.


What I’m going to show you can be implemented quickly and easily. You will soon start to see the difference. 


During the event we’ll work on some very practical actions you can use the same day.


There is free Internet at our venue so if you want to bring a laptop or Smartphone you can try these actions out straight away.  But this isn’t essential so don’t worry if you can’t bring a laptop.


During the day I’ll demonstrate that online marketing needn’t be expensive or complicated.


I’ll demonstrate practical examples of: –


  • How to get on Page One of Google … and I’ll show you how I use this ability to gain local customers (and customers from as far away as Australia).


  • How to get repeat business from your website visitors and the people that wander into your premises.


  • How to get your business, products or services mentioned by the media .. and how to know where you are mentioned online or in the press …and all from the comfort of your own office and without any money being spent.

I’ll even show you how I use these free techniques to ensure my offer is regularly featured in the media – in the printed press, on radio, on websites worldwide.  More importantly I’ll show you how you can use this free marketing technique to promote your business.


  • How and why using free marketing on Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Places and Satnav can be used to boost sales.


  • And a lot more simple techniques you can apply very quickly.


My Personal Attention
I’m working with a small group in this workshop so that I can pay attention to your particular needs. You’ll be able to ask questions as we go and I’m going to focus on your personal marketing challenges.


Wouldn’t life be easier if you could market online effectively?

Then you need to book now while we have an Early Bird offer.
November 24th 2011 
Online Business Marketing Workshop Price

If you’d like to gain all the above benefits plus 

Emailed copy of presentation slides
Refreshments – tea and coffee on arrival and during breaks plus lunch
Free Parking
Free Internet access
Then book now.
Book Now – pay later
Book via the phone or email and we’ll invoice you later

Normal price ……………          £185       Early Bird Reduction             £148

                                         To get this discount Quote “EB The Limes”
 NB No VAT is being charged

The Limes Country Lodge
Forshaw Heath Road,
B94 5JZ

Just minutes from the M42, close to M5 and M40 


9.00                Registration and refreshments
9.30                Start
12.30 – 1.45     Lunch 
5.00                Finish
Booking the Online Business Marketing Workshop

To book your place
Phone 01926 632794 or email


Quote the discount code –  “EB The Limes”


This is a part of a planned series of marketing courses.  Price reductions apply if you wish to make multiple bookings; please contact us for details.

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