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Website Marketing: Avoiding Simple Mistakes

How to keep your website up to dateI'm always reluctant to comment on spelling mistakes on websites, simply because I've made a few myself.


However the error in this picture isn't the spelling mistake .. it is the fact that this message is on the home page of a website today …. 20 months after the offer expired.


My wife found this site when looking for a wedding dress shop (our daughter is getting married). 


What the homepage tells me is that the owner of this website never looks at their own website.  If they did they would see the problem and do something about it.


If the owner of a website never looks at their website why should their prospects and customers?   Essentially there is no reason to do so .. and worse, if the website gets traffic it probably puts more people off doing business than it attracts.


So the morale is, if you are putting time sensitive information on your website,you need to put a note in your diary to remove it when the time period expires.  Some Content Management Systems can be programmed to delete this type of information when it is put onto the website .. and this saves a lot of problems.


Incidentally, my wife and daughter decided that this was a shop to avoid and have booked appointments with other wedding shops.

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