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Google Search: Using the search bar functions in Google


Following the demise of the Google Wonder wheel all is not lost when it comes to using the Google search bar to research keywords to use on your website.


The picture on the right demonstrates what is available right now.  I’ve searched for the term “dog training” and up comes  over 46 million results.


With that many results I need to refine my search to discover information useful to me … so I can refine it to things like Pages in the UK .. if you aren’t in the UK the default will be to the country you are in.


I can also search on a timeline.  So for example I can check the results for the last 24 hours in the UK. This time I was returned 146 results .. a far more manageable number.   Of course I’m not suggesting the last hours results are what you need in your circumstances but you can also choose lat 24 hours, week, month etc. This is a versatile search function.


The Google search bar even lets you search by sites with images, will provide a timeline and a lot of other functions.




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