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Google Search: How easy will this page be to read, what is its reading level?


We all know how incomprehensible some web pages are.  To save you the time and effort trying to decipher these pages Google has an interesting function on the search bar.  


The Reading Level function allows you to check the reading level of the pages you see in returned in the search you make.  For example the above page shows that there are over 15 million pages on UK in the last year and that 5% of these are at advanced reading level, 47% are intermediate and the rest are at basic level. 

Click on the Advanced button and you find pages about dog psychology and the reason it is graded advanced reading level becomes apparent.


This tool also allows you to judge the reading level of the pages on a named website or a particular page.  For example in the last year I have posted 400 pages, none of which are at advanced level.  This confirms that my pages are reasonably accessible by the sort of reader I target .. people who have the ability to understand information at all levels but will grasp it better if it is not too simplistic and not too complex.


The reading level is of course indicative but is a useful tool to run a quick check on pages and websites.

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