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Free Marketing: Social Networking Truth Number Two


In marketing it is the message, not the medium, that is most important.


The problem with many social networking platforms is that they only offer the opportunity to write short messages.  For example Twitter limits you to just 140 characters.  So the tendency is to confuse short messages with trivial messages. 


An important business message can be conveyed in a few sentences but sadly too many people provide inane information; they tell us they have had a good meeting with someone, that they have stopped for coffee or are on the motorway.  That is fine when the reader is family but it isn’t a business message. 


Think about it this way.  If you wouldn’t put it in an advert in the paper then it probably isn’t worth tweeting about!


If however you have a good new webpage you want to tell people about you can use social networking for that. 


Remember also that when you advertise it is good practice to segment your market.  You might advertise a wedding car to a bride but she is unlikely to want to hire a skip.  So in practice you would write different adverts/messages for different groups of people and possibly put them in different papers or magazines.  The wedding car would go into a bridal magazine and the skip hire into a DIY or construction magazine. The same applies to social networks.  Segment your market. Use a number of accounts that target different niche markets.


You can do this by using more than one Twitter page or by having more than one LinkedIn account. Different accounts will focus on different types of customers.   More of this later.


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