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Stefan Drew - The Marketing Magician

About The Marketing Magician, Stefan Drew

Stefan Drew Stefan Drew is regularly introduced, by the BBC, as The Marketing Magician. 


His expertise is in low cost and free marketing. Using free and low cost marketing he helps businesses to get “more customers, to spend more money with them, more often”.   


His clients include sole traders, small businesses, international charities and multi-nationals.  Most of these businesses are UK based but a good number are based overseas, as far away as Australia, USA, and southern Europe, and most have found him online. 


A recent example of how he uses free online marketing to attract new overseas customers, cost nothing, and won him an award.  As a result of his marketing he attracted 50 businesses to a seminar in Portugal.  Details can be found on Business IT Guide web site.


Subsequent events have resulted in him working wth over 40 businesses in Portugal in the last few months.


An example, from the other side of the world, is an Australian business that found him by Googling for marketing advice.  They requested a copy of his Free Marketing Tips and a few months later asked him to quote for some work in Australia.


Securing his Australian client cost him nothing at all .. he used free marketing.


A third client was on the train between London and Glasgow when he Googled for help.  He found Stefan online via a low cost Pay Par Click advert, emailed him from the train and was surprised to receive a phone call a few moments later.  By the time the train arrived in Scotland terms had been agreed and a contract had been emailed to Stefan’s latest client..


The techniques Stefan demonstrates and uses are very easy to learn; you don’t need to be a techie.  Any business, even with a small budget, can use these methods and achieve what Stefan and his clients do.       


Stefan is also a Fellow of the Institute of Consulting and a Customer First approved consultant.


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