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Social Media Strategies and Tactics: what do we need to do to get started?

Social media is all the rage .. you've possibly found this webpage via social media.  But is social media the answer for every business.

Before entering any type of marketing campaign we need to ask ourselves a few basic questions.  Social media is no different.   Look at these questions and decide for yourself.


Social media isn’t just about learning how to use Twitter or whatever else becomes fashionable.  It is about planning a strategy that generates work and a good return on investment.



The following questions are in no particular order of importance; but they are all vital.



What are we trying to achieve? 

What are our objectives?

How will we recognise success or failure?

Can we attach numbers to our desired achievements / objectives?


How does this activity integrate with our other marketing campaigns?


What messages are we trying to provide to our customers/prospects?


Do we have a budget for this activity?

What return on Investment do we want/expect?


How are we going to measure success? Is their a third party objective measure  …. Or do we put a finger in the air?


What actions do we want people to take?

I.e. Do we have a specific call to action ….. or is this an unstructured, immeasurable “branding” exercise.


What specific platforms/tools are we going to use to implement this campaign? E.g. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.


What monitoring systems/process do we need?


Do we need a reporting mechanism so that every one knows what we are doing/achieving?


Once we’ve finished with the ideas … who is going to run this campaign.


Do we need training?


Will we need ongoing training?


Do we need to outsource our social media activity?


Can we do it in-house? If so who is going to do it.


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