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Free Marketing Strategies: Website Navigation Basics

The difference between a good website and a poor one isn’t about having enough budget.  It is often about having clear information and easy to follow navigation.  This actually costs nothing to implement.


 So consider the basics .. get half of these right and you will already be beating most of your competition.


Website Navigation Basics


Make it clear what your website is about .. As well as inserting metatags for the  search engines you need to make it clear what your site is about to visitors.  So include a few words in over the banner, add your logo in the top left corner (assuming it explains what you do!) and ensure the first paragraph explains the purpose of the site clearly. 

Ensure any links to other pages stand out – the convention is to for the text to be blue and be underlined.  Most systems do this automatically when you add a link.  If you deviate from this it will confuse people.


Include your contact details e.g. telephone number in the top right hand corner – people hate searching for contact details .. especially if it means clicking on several buttons or scrolling down.


Put the main menu bar along the top of the page or down the left hand side .. I prefer the top personally. The most confusing site I have seen had them down the middle of the page and the second worse was down the right hand margin. Neither did much online business or had people visiting more than once!


Include sub-menus along the left side or as drop downs from the top menu. navigation(links).  Whatever you do be consistent over every page.


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