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Why Henry Ford built Cars and not a Faster Horse

Henry Ford Didn’t Breed Faster HorsesHenry Ford Faster Horses and Cars

On being asked why he built cars in a time when everyone used horses, Henry  Ford allegedly said,  “If I had asked people what they wanted they would have said faster horses”

But Ford took it further, he wanted to know why! And the answer he got could improve your marketing .. read more below.



The conversation might have gone a bit like this.


Henry Ford  “Why do you want a faster horse?”


Horserider “So I can get into town quicker.”


Henry Ford “Why do you want to get into town faster?”


Horserider “So I can get back to work on the farm earlier.”


Well a car can help you do that, so is there a moral to this story?


Yes.  We should ask our clients why they want our products and services. Like Henry Ford We might discover a better way of solving their problem.  At worse we will have found a new benefit to our existing product or service …. one that can be used to market more effectively. 


We need to design our products and services around the customers problem and how that can be solved.  Of course sometimes people will still prefer a horse to a motor car .. and perhaps you could service both customer types … but there will be more customers for the car option (whilst the horse option might be worth more money per sale).  


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