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Only 33% of Prospective Customers Know Where They Are Buying or Even Going

Research shows that in the UK only 33% of people searching on the Internet for accommodation already know where they want to stay.  This is important and is the key to boosting your business.  The basic principles also apply to any business, so read on even if you are not marketing a hotel, B&B or similar.

So 67% of searchers are going online and using keywords such as "hotel near Exeter", "hotel in Exeter" or "country house hotel near Exeter" rather than the name of a particular hotel. This means it is essential you are found, by your prospective guests, on page one of the search engines.  You need to know the keywords they are searching on and ensure this is reflected in your headings, metatags, picture tags and content.


You also need to be found on Google Maps in exactly the same way.

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