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What are the Three Different Types of Advertising?

There Are Only Three Different Types of Advertising.


Brand Advertising

Direct Sales Advertising

Relationship Building Advertising 


Each one has a specific function and can provide an exceptionally high Return on Investment (ROI) when used correctly.  Used incorrectly they just burn money.


So here is a quick breakdown of the difference between the three types of advertising.


Brand Advertising …

is all about creating awareness of the brand. It is used by companies like Coca Cola, Nike and other large brands.  For example in the UK Coca Cola uses TV advertising to raise brand awareness most years just before Christmas.  The result isn’t an instant sale; rather they want you to recall the brand when shopping or buying later.


Direct Sales Advertising …

is the typical ad that says we have product X, buy it now.  Direct sale advertising gives you one shot at the sale and no more.  If people respond by picking up the phone, visiting your outlet or going to your website then you have a potential sale.  But once they leave the ad you have lost them totally.  This means Direct Sales Ads are often expensive and quite ineffective.


Relationship Building Advertising …

is just what it says. The aim is to build a relationship NOT to make an immediate sale. So you might give a free sample in return for their email address or physical address.  Then you can keep in touch with them and build the relationship. Using this form of promotion we’ve experience response rates of over 20% and it is very cost effective with measurable ROIs.  


These three types of advertising can be used in hard copy or online.


Understanding the difference between the three types of advertising is the key to making a great ROI or your ads  ..  the alternative is to burn your money.



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Trois types de Publicité

Publicité de marque

Publicité sur les ventes directes

Publicité sur les relations


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