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How to Choose a Web Designer

Look for a simple CMS system. I prefer WordPressDesigning a new website is fraught with problems and you may wish to use the services of a web designer. 

Caution is however needed, as although there are excellent web designers available there are also some that are not so good.


So you need to ensure you check the following: –


Ask to see examples of the designer’s work.


Obtain some client testimonials – but don’t take them at face value.  Ask the client what the objectives of the site were, have they been achieved, how they have been measured.


Ask the designer about their project management process.  How does it work, what are the timescales and what will it cost.  Where do delays and problems most commonly occur?


Ask who your account manager will be.  Will you have their phone number and email contact details, can you maintain direct contact with them


Once the site is built will there be an option to make changes.  Will you be able to add new pages or change existing ones easily throughout the site?


Will there be a CMS (Content Management System) controlled by your business to enable you to make your own changes .. or do you have to pay the designer each time?


Will they provide training to use the CMS?


Is the CMS easy to use?  Check this out early on as problems will occur if you can’t use this easily.


Will the CMS allow you to add copy, pictures, video, audio etc?


Is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) part of the service provided? Is there an extra charge?  Think about it, would you buy a car without an engine?  Well SEO is like the engine of the car and should be supplied as part of the package.  Only if you want some additional engines features, like twin carbs, should you expect to pay more. 


Will you own the copyright to the site and everything on it? Logic might dictate you do but often the website designer owns this unless you agree otherwise; so ensure you own everything yourself.


Who and where will the site be hosted? What will the cost of this be?


Can you change the host if you wish to?


Are there any other recurring charges?


Your website is one of the most important marketing tools you will ever invest in so choosing the designer is a crucial part of your marketing and you need to get it right.  Choose a designer you feel comfortable with, one that has satisfactorily answered all your questions and is ranked well on the search engines.

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