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Poor Business Signage Can Kill Viable Businesses


There is no doubt that putting an "A" frame or other sign outside, or near, your business can make a big difference to your turnover.  It can increase turnover and profit by anything from 10% to as much as 100% .. or even more.


There is a proviso however.  


The sign must be visible to passing people or traffic.  Unlike this one that we found in a ditch not 100 metres from the business it should have been promoting.  staff from the business passed along the route every day .. but no one checked the sign .. or its absence.


This sign had been blown over.  Other reasons signs are not seen are signs being obscured by foliage.  The morale is that signs should be checked regularly to ensure that they can be seen.  


For more ideas about both  good and bad signage read Using Products as Low Cost Marketing Signs and  What does your signage say about your business.

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