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Marketing with Magazine Articles

Yoga roomUsing magazine articles as a way to promote or market your business can cost nothing whatsoever if you go about it the right way. 


Your first step is to find a suitable magazine; one that has the right readership demographic for your needs.  Then you need to speak to the editor to see if they would welcome an article.  They will of course have house rules about it not reading like a promotional advert .. but if you wanted that you’d use an advert. 




They might try to convince you to write an advertorial .. which means your suppliers will be asked to buy advertising space .. and I’d advise against that if you have a strong idea for an article that the editor would pay a journalist to write.  The deal should be they give you free space in return for an article they don’t have to pay for. 


What type of magazine accept articles from businesses?


Virtually any magazine will accept articles if approached correctly with a strong idea provided it fits the editorial remit of the magazine.  The above article was written by myself and went into an international magazine in the Structural Engineering sector in December 2010.  The story line was about a building that was designed in London, “manufactured” in China and finally built in Australia.


December 2010 also saw an article in the launch edition of Smudge magazine.    

Smudge Dec 2010

This article was to promote my own business and focused on Why Most Marketing Doesn’t Work. What made it a little different is the fact it looked at this from both the business and consumers viewpoint.


Other recent articles included an article that is part of a series in The Algarve Daily News and covered Complaints and Poor Customer Service.  Since writing this one I’ve contributed quite a number of other business and marketing articles to this online newspaper.


Another series I’ve written has been on Further Education marketing and management, and I’m a regular contributor on FE News 


Marketing with Magazine Articles is a must if you are serious about effectively marketing your business and I recommend it.  If you need advice on topics to write about .. or even help writing suitable articles please feel free to contact me.

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