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Inaccurate news broadcasts damaging business confidence

As parts of the UK are struggling to recover from severe weather conditions a midlands based marketing company, Stefan Drew Associates, are claiming that sensational and inaccurate broadcasts about the weather is damaging business confidence.  


Recent heavy snowfall has seen parts of the country suffer from blocked roads and delays on the transport system resulting in some staff being unable to get to work.  Despite some areas having little or no snow, some news broadcasts have reported the country as being grid locked, with motorists being advised not to travel and petrol stations running low on fuel.  This is both misleading and leading to a loss of businesses confidence in many cases claims Stefan Drew from marketing consultancy, Stefan Drew Associates.

Stefan Drew commented, “ I recently drove from Lancaster to south Warwickshire and as I travelled I heard several radio reports claiming the country was suffering countrywide disruption due to the snow.  I have no doubt that the weather in the east of the country was severe but for 100 miles of my 160 mile journey I drove in bright sunshine and there was no snow on the motorway or side roads for the whole 160 miles.”

Drew continued, “Inaccurate news reporting of this type is sensationalism at its worse and is damaging business confidence.  Large parts of the west of the country was clear of snow and recommendations not to travel in the east were also being broadcast in the west.  Sadly this type of irresponsible reporting is common.  Many businesses have thrived over the last few years but the news is full of recession, layoffs and doom.  My advice to businesses is to take the news with a pinch of salt, keep your head down and run your business based on your own observations.”


“I’ve yet to hear a broadcast that contrasted the weather conditions across the country”, concluded Drew.


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Notes to Editors

Regularly introduced by  the BBC as the Marketing Magician Stefan has been heard worldwide and his website is visited by businesses and individiuals in over 100 countries.

Previously Head of Press, Publicity and Marketing at the Contributions Agency Stefan directed marketing for both Hartpury and Warwickshire Colleges before opening Stefan Drew Associates in 2005.

He has also held posts within the Cabinet Office and was responsible for marketing, press and publicity at the Contibutions Agency where he was an early advocate of merger with the Inland Revenue.

Despite spending little on marketing the business has grown rapidly year on year; a fact Stefan puts down to implementing his own advice.  

Having advised businesses on both sides of the Atlantic Stefan’s work has been published in over 50 countries and he has subscribers to his regular Top Tips Newsletter in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australia and Africa.

Stefan has a number of business clients in the UK and overseas which leaves him well placed to the needs of both small businesses and corporates worldwide. 

A qualified lecturer Stefan has taught business and marketing in the UK, Portugal and France.

Stefan's website can be found at

Stefan Drew, is based in the UK at Marton, near Coventry in Warwickshire and also has offices in Exmouth, Devon. 

Stefan is a Fellow of the Institute of Business Consultants


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