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How to Improve Your Adwords Results: Ten Costly AdWords Mistakes

Adwords are a really cost effective way to advertise a service or product online, provided you pay attention to details. Adwords are not difficult if taken step by step, but they are complex and you need to pay attention to the small details. Here are ten things many Adword users get wrong .. and it costs them dearly.


1. Confusing Search and Content Results: If you run Google Search / Display Network ads through the same ad group, you will lose the ability to differentiate between the  different kinds of traffic. Try running separate Search and Display in different campaigns.


2. Not Split-Testing Your Ads. Changing things like the use of lower case letters throughout to leading capitals on each word can make a ten-fold difference in Click Through Rate … but you will not know if it will in your case without split testing. There are dozens of things you can split test in your ads.


3. Split Testing for Improved CTR Only: At first, Click Through Rate (CTR) is the only thing you can measure. You want it high so you get a lot of traffic. But eventually what really matters is your conversion rate and cost per new customer. Sometimes high CTR ads don’t bring buyers. Conversion is what matters most.


4. Deciding Split-Test Winners Too Fast: The faster you find a winner the faster your site improves. However your do need a significant number of results to make a decision. A result of 1 out of 10 against 2 out of 17 isn’t sufficient to make a judgement on … I like to see at least a hundred in each category before making decisions on the best result.


5. Misusing “Optimise Ad Serving”. If you set this to off then you cannot get a true understanding of which ads convert best. This is unimportant if you have no real “sales” objective .. this might be a sale or download or newsletter subscription … It is really important if you do have real sales objectives for your site … and most of us do. Turn the option off if you’re checking your account every day.


6. Ignoring the Display URL Line in your Ad: If you own, you should try http://www., and , or Tiny changes make significant differences.


7. Creating Ad Groups with Unrelated Keywords. You need to use specific keywords for each ad. Don’t write an ad and put every keyword you can find into the ad group. Just use single keywords and their plurals for each ad. Choose keywords that are closely related to the ads and your landing page.


8. Confusing Search and Content Results: If you run all three streams of traffic (Google / Search / Display Network) through the same ad group, you will lose the ability to differentiate between the  different kinds of traffic. Try running separate Google & Search from Display in different campaigns.


9. Ignoring the 80/20 Principle: The Pareto Principle or 80/20 Rule means that the majority of results (impressions, clicks, sales etc) will result from a small minority of inputs (ad groups, ads and keywords.) Focus your time on the few significant results and not the insignificant many.

10. Ignoring negative keywords: every ad group or campaign should have some negative keywords as it increases your Click Through Rate (CTR) due to searchers not getting shown irrelevant ads. This cuts out the waste and saves you loads of money.


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