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Getting your business on TV

IMG_7135 A few years ago I wrote a marketing plan for Living Coasts and this morning I saw them on TV.  Living Coasts is an animal collection based at Torquay in Devon, UK and as the name suggests their focus is on the coast.  They have a collection of seals, penguins, terns, avocets and loads more .. it is a good day out for all the family.

IMG_7137 One of of things I discussed with their MD, Elaine Hayes, was the need to get on TV as often as possible and to link national stories in to the stories they sent to the press.  Well the big story in the UK is the winter weather .. and SNOW .. and Elaine and her team has linked the snow with a story about how the penguins are coping with the weather …and this got them on prime time TV.   

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