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Zero Cost Marketing: Free Marketing using Skype

Some of the best marketing tools in the world cost absolutely nothing whatsoever.  They are totally free to use.  To discover how to make free phone calls ……. read on.


Skype is a great free marketing tool that allows you to make phone calls at nil cost.  I frequently talk to clients in Europe and beyond and, provided they also have Skype, the calls web are free.  If they don't use Skype all I pay is the cost from their local telephone exchange .. usually just a few pence a minute.


Calls via Skype from your computer to your recipients compauter are free.  If it is fropm your computer to their phone you pay rate applicable to a local call in their country.  Video calls between computers are free.


Conference calls are also free anywhere in the world when you all participants have Skype installed.


Skype software is free to download .. so to find our more about Skype ot to download your free software go to


There are literally hundreds of free marketing techniques, tools and tactics you can use to market any business.  For more details contact me via





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