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Upselling Secrets of a Window Cleaner


Global businesses like McDonalds use upselling to make £millions every year.  All they do is ask every customer that orders a burger if they would like to turn it into a meal i.e. add portion of chips or if they would like a drink with their order.  They use questions like "Would like to supersize that?"


It is so simple.  A simple question that adds an additional sale to an existing customer … and really grows their profits.


Most businesses don't think anything so simple can apply to their business so miss out on loads of profit.


My window cleaner could teach these businesses a lot.  When he cleaned my windows last week he noticed some weeds growing in the gutter .. I'd be meaning to clean them out for months but they are hard to reach with my ladder.  So he simply said "that blocked gutter could make water run down your wall and cause a lot of wet and damage, do you want me to clean it out?"


It took him 10 seconds to ask, less than 10 minutes to do the work …. and £10 richer.


What could you do to upsell in your business?    

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