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Secrets of a Millionaire: Lessons from a Dragon

I'm told that if you take the five people you spend most time with, add their salaries together and divide by five the answer will be your own salary.


So wishing to increase my own wealth I recently spent some time with millionaire Doug Richard.  Doug appeared on the first two seasons of BBC Dragons' Den and is a shrewd observer of technology businesses .. but whatever line you are in he has a lesson for you. 

Doug Richard is a Californian entrepreneur that has based himself in the UK.  He specialises in business incubation and technology transfer and is a wealth of stories of what it takes to be successful and how to make a shed load of money.  


Over the next few weeks I'm going to tell you what Doug told me …. his take on business and life is incredible and revealing  … I wonder if that is why he is worth millions?


To hear more sign up to my Top Five Marketing Tips .. or watch this space for a few days.

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