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Google Launch Instant Previews on the Google Search Engine

Google Instant Previews

Google have launched Instant Previews on the Google Search Page.


This will, in my opinion, make a difference to the number of people that click through from the Google organic search results to your website.


How Does Google Instant Preview Work


Quite simply by allowing searchers to have a quick look at your website WITHOUT clicking through to a website.  The search results are displayed as a thumbnail that is displayed WITHOUT you having to click through to the site.  See the above image to see what I mean. 

Beside each result is a small magnifying glass and when your mouse rolls over the result a small display screen depicting the site will appear.  So searchers can now preview a page of sites in a few seconds.  It searchers don't like what they see they will not click through to the site … so as you will now get just a few seconds to create that vital first impression how is your site going to perform?


In the above example the search phrase if for College Employer Engagement Strategies and there are 187,000 results.  The first trick is to get onto Page One of Google of course and to achieve this we need to beat the other 187,000 pages with the selected keywords.   


But once we have beaten our competitors to Page One on Google we now need to have a web page that will make searchers want to click onto your site.  So it needs to look relevant to the search that has been performed.  Therefore it needs to connect at an emotional level and that means the layout, colours, fonts etc need to look perfect for the search phrase. The site preview must look like what we would expect for the relevant search phrase.  If the search is for a term like vintage cars you wouldn't expect to see a site that looks very modern .. you expect a vintage style or something similar.


Of course websites have always needed to look right and we've only had a 5-8 seconds to win visitors over … the major difference now is we have to win them over in 1-2 seconds .. or perhaps even less.  It was hard to keep visitors from surfing off to our competitors when we had a full size screen … but it will be even more difficult with a small preview screen.


Over the next few months we are all going to need to compare the organic search results we now get against a comparable previous period.  We will also need to split test existing pages against new options.  One tool you could use for this is Google Website Optimiser.


Good luck .. and if you want to discuss your marketing strategies or tactics with me please feel free to contact me.     

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2 Replies to “Google Launch Instant Previews on the Google Search Engine”

  • On top of Instant we have the new merged Places and organic results. BTW have you seen how Adwords on the right get covered by the scrolling map?

  • Andrew

    As you indicate Google are making changing all the time; which means we need to pay atention and keep up with them if our marketing is to be effective.

    As far as the scrolling map hiding the Adwords goes this will seriously affect CTR (Click Through Rate) for many people.

    The answer has to be getting to the top of the left hand side of the page … via organic listings or being in the handful of Adwords displayed by Google at the top of the search results.

    This is a slightly harder challenge but is NOT insurmountable as we have proved many times.

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