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Twelve Top Customer Service Tips – Part Five

We promised you Twelve Top Customer Service Tips but today we want to exceed your expectations .. and we’ve added a couple of extra tips to help you exceed your customer’s expectations.


12. When recruiting select customer focused people

Do you recruit staff for their technical ability, attitude to customers or both?

Clearly all are important but someone with excellent technical abilities will create a terrible impression with customers if you put them on reception or the end of the phone and their attitude is wrong.  So you need to think about whether people are likely to interface with customers and if so to consider how you select them at interview and maintain their skills thereafter.


13. Use customer feedback to evaluate your staff

Customer feedback is only useful if you make use of it and is much more useful if you relate it to staff either individually or as a team.  They need to know about the 3 Cs – compliments, concerns and complaints as soon as possible.  Waiting for the next staff appraisal loses the immediacy of the situation and wastes time and the opportunity to build on excellence and negate problem areas.

Staff appreciate feedback of all sorts.  If the feedback is positive it makes them feel good and keeps customer service levels high. If it is not so good they need to opportunity to improve and you need to consider how you can help them with advice, training or whatever is relevant.


14. Act in the best interests of your customers at all times  

Are you Putting Your Customer First? Or are customers way down on your list of considerations?

If you can’t help a customer because you don’t stock or supply what they need do you refer them to another supplier, one you know to be reliable and will look after them?  Do all your staff do this and suggest the same supplier or is it ad hoc?  Where relevant do you follow up and check your customer was satisfied with your recommendation?  Customers value the care you take over this … especially where you have advised them about suppliers of high value items.

Businesses that think customer first find customers are more loyal, staff turnover is lower, they get more customer referrals and make more profit.  It pays to think customer and act in the best interest of your customer at all times.


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