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It does exactly what it says on the tin – but do you do what it says on your tin?

"It does exactly what it says on the tin" is an advertising phrase that has gone into everyday language in the UK. Everyday people in the UK say "it does exactly what it does on the tin" and every one knows what that means.  The original phrase goes back to an advertising campaign for woodstain and wood dye manufacturer, Ronseal.  The first ad was run in 1994 and was still going strong in 2009.


Your challenge is doing exactly what it says on your tin!  Here are a few thoughts.


Colgate later ran a similar ad with the words "it does exactly as it says on the tube" in 2004.  So the concept is well established and is one perhaps all of us should consider.


Do you do "exactly what is says on the tin"? Or business card?


The thing is do you do exactly what it says on your tin?  Is it obvious to prospects what you do .. and do you deliver on it? 


I was recently given a business card by someone supposedly expert in their field which was great except for one thing.  Their card gave me details of their name and address, a telephone number and a web address .. but nowhere did it say what they did.  So after a week, when it had sat on my desk with a lot of other cards I had a card with contact details and no idea what they did.  So they might have been great at what they did but I'll never know what that was … and will never contact them.


So think about your business cards.  What do they say about you?  Do you do what it says on the tin (card)? 


Not doing what it says on the tin at Exhibitions    


I recently went to an exhibition and as I wondered around and looked at the stands I was left wondering what a lot of them did .. and why I should be interested in their stand.  The problem was that in many cases I could see the company name but it was quite difficult to work out what they did … they didn't have the equivalent of a tin and I was left with no idea what they did. 


So my challenge to you is to clearly define what it is you do, put it on your equivalent of a tin and do exactly what it says on the tin.  If you achieve this your sales will undoubtedly rise as will your customer service.  The result: delighted customers and more profit.

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