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Using your products as low cost marketing signs

Marketing can be inexpensive if you use your product or service to promote the business


Sometimes it isn’t necessary to spend a fortune on expensive adverts, mailshots, or huge signs to promote your business or products and services. One business local to my office hires out access platforms (commonly known as cherry pickers) to the construction industry and public …… and makes sure everyone that drives past knows what they provide by making sure they are highly visible. by being fully extended as if working.  The alternative is to put them all neatly behind their offices with the platforms stored at low level where no one would see them!


The cost of this type of promotion is nil.


Can you promote your business by displaying your product or service?


Lots of businesses think that because they don’t have a huge machine parked in front of their premises this idea wouldn’t work for them.




Most businesses can signpost themselves in some way.   A restaurant can offer free tastings in the local market square, a college can demonstrate their expertise with examples of their students work (an art exhibition or as one of my clients found by entering a student designed car for an Eco car endurance race and achieved 1732 mpg!  Another client offered free samples of their product to the first 50 people that asked for one …. and built a media story around this … and got totally oversubscribed with requests  … AND massive profile.


So think about how you can signpost people to your business by putting your product or service on display in some way.

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