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Using Colour in Your Marketing

Have you ever struggled to find the exit in a dimly lit car park or had problems finding a piece of information on a website?


You are not alone; and if you’ve ever had that sort of problem so have your customers.  The solution is easy to implement so read on.

The problem is often that all the information looks the same.  There may well be signs in the car park but in this dark monochromatic environment they don’t show up.  In the marketing world it is often the same. For example websites are often “busy” and it is often difficult to find important information amongst so much competing “noise”.


The answer is to use colour.


Use Colour to Highlight Your Response Buttons 


Highlight information in colour and it is easier to see.  So in the car park as well as ensuring the signs are big enough use the right colours.  Drivers are conditioned to observe road signs so it would make sense to ensure car park signs follow the same colour coding … even if the exact same signs doesn’t exist.


In the marketing world you can use the same idea.  So if you want someone to request information or download something use colour to prompt them.  Make the button you want pressed green on every page. What you should find is that over time your users will naturally gravitate to the green buttons and will press them.

Does Using Colour Work Every Time?

In theory it does .. but the only way to find out if it really works is to test it.


The two boxes shown on this page, when displayed on the sidebar of my website, look exactly the same except the Request button is available in two colours .. red and greenWebform 2


We are currently testing these two options by ensuring that 50% of website visitors see one the red version and the other 50% see the green button.


My guess is that the green will give the best response rate … but that is only my guess and the only way to be sure is to test both colours for a period of time to see which actually gives the best results.


The use of colour in this application is quite subtle.  Webform red It is easy to think that  there would be little difference in the numbers that sign up due to a colour change.  However we have seen incredible changes in response rates to simple things like this.  Improvements of up to 50% are not uncommon and in some cases can be several hundred percent.


Think of this in terms of your own marketing.  What would an increase of just 10% make on website signups, sales, requests for information etc.  do for your business?  And if you discovered that a subtle colour change to other things on your website, say the banner, headlines, subscription call to action, download button, sales buttons; what difference would it make?  If all these gave a small improvement the aggregated result would be much larger.    

This idea works not just on websites but also in adverts, PowerPoint presentations, letters and a host of other places.  Try it; it might make a huge difference to your business.


PS Changing the colour of the Request button on the above boxes and displaying the options on the website, costs absolutely nothing and is another example of free marketing.







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