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PR Secrets: Focus on Anniversaries … they are a rich source of inspiration

One further PR generation idea.  Base your story around "real world" anniversaries; things that are happening out there that you can connect your business to in some way or other.  For example a  music shop might link a story to the Beatles split (the 30th anniversary is on April 9th), a wedding gown shop might link a story to Prince Charle's second marriage which is also on April 9th.  Worldwide there are hundreds of anniversaries every day and it is often possible to "piggy back" these stories.


Examples of other anniversaries this month are shown below.   

APRIL 2010 Anniversaries

01 1990       UK 1,000 Prisoners Riot at Strangeways prison
02 2005       Death of Pope John Paul II aged 84
04 1960       The epic film, Ben Hur, Wins Record Number of Oscars
05 1955       
    UK Wartime  PM Sir Winston Churchill Resigns
09 1970       Beatle’s, Paul McCartney, Announces Beatles Split
09 2005       Prince Charles 2nd Marriage to Camilla Parker – Bowes
11 1990       UK Customs seize 'Supergun' to Iraq
12 2000       Queen Awards RUC with George Cross
13 1970      USA Explosion on board Apollo 13 Spaceflight
14 1980     USA Announces Moscow Olympics Boycott
15 1945       Liberation of Belsen Concentration Camp
18 1955     Death of Scientist Albert Einstein
18 1960     UK: 60,000 in Ban The Bomb Demonstration
18 1980     Africa: Zimbabwe Declares Independence from UK
19 2005       Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger elected Pope
19 1995     USA: Oklahoma City Bombing Kills 170
25 1980      USA: Failed Rescue of US Hostages in Iran
29 1980       Death of Film Director Alfred Hitchcock
30 1975     USA: Surrender of Saigon: End of Vietnam War
30 2009     UK Ends Combat Operations in Iraq


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