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How do I Improve my telephone cold calling technique?

One of our regular readers, Heather, recently asked me how to improve her telephone cold calling technique.  If you are a recipient of cold calls you might think the same as me ….. don’t cold call me!


I’m not saying you should  never call anyone.  I’m saying don’t cold call anyone … don’t call unannounced.  People don’t like this type of surprise … they like to be prepared for a call and not feel rushed into anything.


So what is the answer?

Over the last few years I have devised a way of calling people without the unpleasant “cold call” surprise.


My first step is to email them.  Ideally I find a way to introduce myself that will encourage them to read on … for example “We’ve not met but xxx suggested I contact you”  Obviously xxx has to be someone you both know and has your recipient’s respect. 


Then I briefly explain my proposition and say that as I know they are busy I’ll give them a ring in a few days. 


In a few days I ring. If a “gatekeeper” intercepts my call I explain that I had promised the recipient I would call this week … this gets you pass all but the fiercest of  PAs and the recipient will usually give you a few minutes based on the fact you quoted someone they respect and are expecting your call.

This method of “prepared cold calling”  works extremely well in a business to business environment as it is relatively easy to get email addresses and you probably both know someone in your industry you both respect.  It gets harder in a business to consumer situation … and I wouldn’t personally use it to sell double glazing …. But used sensitively it will even work in this type of situation.


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