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What is Your Marketing Reach?

What do the UK, USA, Portugal, Australia, India, Canada ………..Latvia and Luxembourg have in common?


Well they are some of the 103 countries where people have viewed this website.  Think about that.  A simple website is reaching people in over 100 countries ….. and your business could harness this potential.

What other marketing medium could do that.  The BBC World Service broadcasts in 32 languages and has huge reach but the content is fixed but it isn't a "marketing" station.


The only medium I know for marketing a business, 24/7, worldwide, is a website.  Coupled with the fact that 25% of the global population now has access to the Internet ….. and it is much, much higher in the countries listed as the start of the above list …. and you realise that a website is incredible value for any business.


OK, so maybe you don't need to reach people in 103 countries, maybe you need customers from your local area.  Again the website comes into its own.  Once you have a website that is indexed by the search engines then people in your local town can find you as well as someone on the other side of the world. 


Although I get visitors from all around the world most some from the UK, the US is next in the list (and this is one reason why I'll be in San Francisco later this year), Portugal comes next in the list and has resulted in my third series of seminars …. and so it goes on.


If you are serious about business then a website is an essential for you. My original website was quite conventional, performed very well and brought me a lot of business.  This site, one of six sites launched since the start of the year, is the best so far.  Based on blog technology it is easy to add new pages, the search engines index new content extremely quickly (a couple of days ago a new page was indexed by Google in six minutes .. to the surprise of my client who I was demonstrating the technology to …. it surprised me even more as I've never seen a page indexed so quickly before.


The other great thing with blog based site is that people can add comments … the last such comment was from Andrew in New Zealand in response to the thoughts I posted about Estate Agents yesterday.  Websites allow you to do more than "fly the flag".  They have the capacity for genuine two way communication; a perfect way to engage with clients and prospects at really low cost..

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