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The Monk, the island …… and the newspaper

It all started with a marketing course I ran in Leicester and involves a monk, a remote island and a businesswoman called Helen.

Little did Helen Scourfield expect her activities with a monk to be reported in the local press when she left Pembroke for a marketing course in distant Leicester.

Helen’s trip was to attend an Effective Marketing Strategies event organised by World Class Skills and Richard Bloxam of the MPS National Skills Academy. What she learnt was to involve her in a press story about a monk, a remote island, some particularly inclement weather and, within a few hours, found her a new customer.

Helen is MD of Pembroke based PTP Training and attended the Effective Marketing Strategies event in a bid to improve the marketing of PTP Training and their courses.

The event, written and run by Stefan Drew Associates as a KPMG Associate , focuses on both traditional marketing and E-marketing and emphasises the hundreds of free marketing strategies that training businesses can employ.

On returning to Pembroke Helen put her new skills into operation, wrote a media release about how Caldey Island residents, Brother Titus and Stephen Satchwell, braved rough seas and inclement weather to attend a crane safety course PTP offer.

Helen commented, “ I thoroughly enjoyed the course on marketing, it gave me such an uplift and ideas for my business.  I was motivated to be more active in the promotion and the opportunities of “free” publicity to get my business name and course availability out into the world.

In fact the day the press release was published, a gentleman came in, quoted that he had seen us in the press, and wanted some training courses.  So I can say “Yes” to a positive outcome, it is certainly worth the effort, and lets be fair too, I enjoyed going out to meet the candidates on the photo shoot.”

Not only did the local press cover the story, there has also been interest from the religious press, trade press and … BBC Wales are interested in using it for a TV series they are doing on Caldey Island

So as you see a short media release can generate interest and profile within the local community, can result in TV interest AND lead to a sale.

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One Reply to “The Monk, the island …… and the newspaper”

  • I have become more proactive since attending the Marketing Strategies Course, and am now awaiting the development of a brand new Web Site. The added extra to this is that I will learn how to update the Web Site myself with both photos and news – which is absolutely brilliant. I have increased the marketing at very little cost.

    The course motivated me so much, that I have been busy marketing the business since December, contacting both old and new clients. I have won contracts since to a value of about £150,000 – and its all thanks to Stefan and the sharing of his knowledge.

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