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Client success story .. Tea & Turps

It is always good to get good news from customers and those you have advised .. and better still if they provide a testimonial and tell you their new book is going up the charts.

Lynda Cookson's book isn't about marketing … far from it as it is about the philosophies and stunning works of twelve talented artists living and working in Ireland.  It is also a testament to a woman that works hard at her craft and never forgets the importance of marketing her product and services.  As the proud owner of one of Lynda's original paintings I recommend her art … and suggest the book makes an interesting read as well.

Click the link, see the reviews at Amazon …..and if you've already read Lynda's book review it yourself. 

Finally here is Lynda's testimonial … before reading it ask yourself how you might obtain and use customer testimonials.

"I initially contacted Stefan for assistance in perfecting my skills at writing professional press releases. I needed to bolster my chances of high-profile success for a solo exhibition of my paintings in Barcelona, Spain. His response was immediate, thorough and extremely helpful. The quality of service he provided really stuck in my mind, so it was without hesitation that I contacted him again as I began the promotional journey for getting my freshly published book entitled "Tea 'n Turps" out into the worldwide market.

Again, the generosity, efficiency and professionalism which Stefan provided, was way beyond what is usually expected. He offers constantly updated marketing techniques and tools which allow his clients to aim for maximum exposure causing as little damage to their budget as possible."

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