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Automate Your Marketing and Reduce Time and Marketing Spend

Imagine how much more you could achieve if your marketing worked 24/7 and kept bringing you pre-qualified customers wanting your product or service.

Well, amazingly, this doesn’t have to be a dream.  Automating your marketing is much easier than you might think.

If you have a website it is already working 24/7, and should be sending you good numbers of customers on a regular basis (if it isn’t then it is quite easy to remedy the situation)

Your website can also automatically deal with requests for brochures, document requests and the majority of customer enquiries from your website….. the software required is easy to use and costs very little each month.
You can also set up an automated email system that will automatically send out newsletters and information.  It can be pre-loaded with a series of messages months before they are required which means you can deal with these requests automatically … even at night and when you are on holiday.

Advertising can also be automated via Pay Per Click systems like Google Adwords and the equivalent systems now available on sites such as LinkedIn.

There are dozens of other automated systems you use …such as Google Alerts, Google Places/Maps … rather than give a list let me give you more information via my Top Marketing Tips newsletter; sign up at the top of the page if you are not already a subscriber.

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One Reply to “Automate Your Marketing and Reduce Time and Marketing Spend”

  • Hi

    I need a tool that will pick up user responses to my website and then schedule output at regular intervals ideally based on content (e.g product ordered), answer to specific marekt research questions.

    Can you help please

    Daniel Roberts

    PS – I landed here via the Ecademy Photo Business Club

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