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Stefan Drew - The Marketing Magician

No Budget Marketing


Could No Budget Marketing; ……..Marketing Without  a Budget;……. Marketing Without Money ever be reality?


Yes, No Budget Marketing is a reality; you can market a business or project without spending any money whatsoever …….there are virtually 100s of No Budget Marketing tools you can use to market your business.


Most Marketing Professionals don’t want you to know about these highly effective marketing tools … they would rather charge you inflated fees and tell you about the expensive forms of marketing.  I’m prepared to explain No Budget Marketing to you and provide you with information about the 100s of No Budget Marketing channels you could be using.


Do they work?

Yes.  I know they do, and so do thousands of other people, because I won a national award for marketing a series of marketing seminars, in a country where I’d never done business before, without spending a bean!


Over 50 people attended my seminars, I had coverage in newspapers and magazines in several countries, was interviewed on radio, had coverage on many websites and won the award I mentioned from a UK based IT business market leader.  For more information about how I used No budget Marketing to market my business from this impartial IT Business Guide website.

To learn even more about No Budget Marketing, and the Low Cost Marketing, surf this website …… and sign up to the free Marketing Newsletter which is full of Proven Marketing Tips.  Like most of my marketing ideas it is practical, easy to follow and doesn’t cost you a penny.




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