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My answer to Belgium based Eric Eraly’s question about Customer Triggers

Eric wrote

" I organise Stop Smoking seminars to help people to quit smoking.

My question is : which is the right trigger to break the huge resistance that smokers have to quit smoking. I explain : on one hand , a smoker is afraid that he/she will not succeed, fear of failure and what people will say if they fail. On the other hand the smoker is afraid that he WILL SUCCEED and as a consequence of this miss out on something. They think they will miss something, give up their best buddy, they have the feeling that they can't enjoy life anymore, etc.

Another aspect is the fact that a smoker thinks that WHEN he wants to quit, he can quit on his own , without any help".

My Answer …….

This is a question that has taxed individuals and governments for years and made me think for some time. 

There is only one answer to this question actually and it is relatively simple. You have to "sell" the benefits of not smoking to the individual or employer.

It might be

Being fitter

Having more money

Living longer

Lower life insurance premiums

Not smelling of tobacco


For each person the answer will be different and the secret will be to find the trigger for each individual.

For employers keen to prevent workplace smoking the trigger might be

Staff spending less time on smoking breaks

Higher productivity

Healthier staff – less staff sickness

Again each company will have their own marketing trigger.

What you don't want to do is promote the features – ie tell them so much about you, your methods etc.

These are of course important at some stage to give yourself and your product credibility (especially the fact you managed to give up yourself ) but they are not reasons for anyone else to give up.

The next question is how to do this. Clearly you cannot speak to everyone individually.

What you can do is to place a whole series of marketplace ads on networking sites like Ecademy. Use headlines like –

Want to score the winning goal but out of breath?

Quitting smoking can make you healthier, fitter and a top scorer. Learn how to stop smoking now. (This one can be used with any sport – I suggest football now because of the World Cup).

Lower your health insurance premiums – quitting smoking can lower your premiums by as much as X%. Let me explain how to stop smoking today.

Do girls/boys find your bad breath unattractive?

Quite smoking today and start scoring! (It is said that sex always works in adverts!)

You can test virtually hundreds of different ideas in this way. Try testing some via blogs and polls also. Once you have ideas that work think about using Google ads and using the same lines in direct mail, e-mails or any of hundreds of other channels.

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2 Replies to “My answer to Belgium based Eric Eraly’s question about Customer Triggers”

  • So this is the proper way to do it !

    I’ve almost finished my ‘first stab’ at my own website and I’m now working through your workshop notes to remind myself how to convert it into an effective marketing tool. I’m listing a number of questions which I’ll send you directly.

    If you want to see what I’ve accomplished so far;

  • Harry

    Good to hear from you again… I’m glad the notes you took at the course are proving useful.

    A few more thoughts for you.

    As a first stab at a website it beats anything I could produce ..I leave all the techie stuff to the experts.

    Some of your wording jumps out as spot on, e.g. ….. and when the job is done, I go away. As a consultant that is exactly what manufacturers want from you … do the job and go .. and this will reassure them.

    How people behave on websites and how to build a relationship with them that will convert them into a customer is my forte. So with that in mind we have to remember to make our websites easy to use.

    Something like 10% of your vistors will already know of you but be looking for your contact details ….So make them highly visible.

    At present yours are on your homepage .. but buried at the bottom of the page. If you want people to phone put your number on the TOP RIGHT HAND CORNER IN LARGE PRINT.

    Think also about where the menu bar is on most sites … usually down the left hand side or across the top. Only very rarely does a site NOT based on this “standard” actually ork. People get very confused if they can’t find the menu bar where they expect it .. and “surf off” very quickly.

    My third point is sell benefits right off the page. Start each page with the vistors problem and tell them/prove to them you can solve it. So on your Business Improvement Page you might start with ” Do you need to improve productivity? Do you want to become more competitive?….. etc.” Then say what you will do ..e.g. We normaly improve productivity by 10-200% (put your figures here)and use the NSA approved methods to …

    Well hopefully you get the idea .. feel free to email those question through and/or give me a ring.

    PS did you see the piece on this site about one of your fellow course attendeees – Helen – her first media release brought her in an enquiry. See

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