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Website Sin 8 ….. Not Collecting Your Website Visitors Email Addresses

There are Eight Cardinal Sins many website owners make and the eighth of these is………..


Not Collecting Your Website Visitors Email Addresses

Your website can be your best marketing tool and grow your business ….or it can damage your business irreparably.  This article, number eight in a series of eight, examines one of the key website sins that you must avoid if your website is to be successful.

This is the most important rule of all.  You have worked hard to get someone to visit your site and they were interested enough to do so.  Isn’t it totally ludicrous that when they leave your site you probably don’t know who they were and how to contact them again. 

It needn’t be like that.  Offer them something in return for their email address and many will respond.  It might be as easy as signing up to your newsletter.  Whatever it is a proportion of visitors will provide their email address  …… and their permission to send them more information later.

This enables you to build a relationship with website visitors that can last for years. 

So what else might they sign up for? Well the favourite is a newsletter, White Paper or Information Product. For example many people sign up to my newsletter because I offer an information product or white paper on my Top Five Marketing Strategies. This is available in several versions depending on the market niche I am targeting. For example I offer my Top Five School Marketing Strategies which is similar to the standard Top Five Marketing Strategies but has been contextualised for people marketing private and public sector schools. There are also versions for other sectors and industries with specific advice relating to that particular niche.

Why choose these niches? Simple. Because I know that people in these niches are searching specifically for the information I’m providing ….. and I have some specific useful information on the sector and can help them.

We all have specific information to impart along these principles. For example a retailer of watches might provide tips on selecting different types of watches – it might be Selecting a watch for water sports enthusiasts or Selecting a watch as a fashion accessory. Likewise you will have expertise of your own that you can use to produce a product.

The main thing is that you offer something that people will value, and are prepared to exchange their email details for, as your objective is to harvest email addresses of people you can build a relationship with.

This simple technique is very low cost – you need a piece of simple software but the weekly software costs are about the same as a one cup of coffee a week in your favourite coffee shop or restaurant. The return you can get is enormous.

One of my current customers has signed six separate contracts with me over the last two years. They have been worth over £100,000 in income to my business; but came to me after having read my newsletter for 14 months. Need I say more ……..?

Intrigued by marketing ideas like this? Then ensure you are signed up to my regular newsletter; it is free and packed with practical marketing tips that really work. 

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