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CF Approved Consultant 2Our staff are nationally recognised as

Customer First Approved Consultants

Customer First offers a practical approach to achieving Customer Service Excellence in your organisation.


‘Putting the Customer First’ is the national standard for Customer service. It is offered by Customer First UK, which is the awarding body for the standard. It offers a proven methodology to help all organisations achieve and maintain customer service excellence. It has been achieved by hundreds of organisations in both the public and private sectors nationwide.


Customer Service Excellence is the key to: –


Building your business

Winning new customers

Retaining existing customers

Establishing a real competitive advantage

Increasing turnover and profitability


In short – Ensuring more Customers Spend more Money with You ….more Often


Whatever your organisations size, sector or product, focusing on the customer is crucial not only to your ongoing success but in these difficult times, often, to your very survival. It is not a ‘tick box’ exercise requiring a portfolio of paperwork, just an assessment. However, as well as achieving the standard, organisations who have been through the process, especially value the opportunity it has given them to review how they work with their customers and provide a structure to ensure a consistent, effective service that delivers what their customers want and need. In this regard the process itself has proved to be just as valuable as the end result.


Achieving the Customer First standard can be challenging but we can help you through a variety of services including bespoke consultancy and events. 



For more information please phone 01926 632794 or 07904 897 929


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