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Gathering Email Addresses from Customers and Prospects

In my last newsletter I talked about giving your clients and prospects FREE ADVICE and suggested you emailed this to them on a regular basis.

Following that advice several people contacted me asking where they could get mailing lists from …… so I’m going to start by asking a question in this issue of “FREE Marketing Tips”

Do you GATHER EMAIL ADDRESSES from your clients and prospects on a regular basis?

This is one of the first things I ask clients when they approach me to help them and is one that very few people do.

Existing Customers are a Valuable Resource

Think about it. Is it easier to get repeat business from an existing client or should you ignore the people you have spent time, effort and money getting business from for someone entirely new? Well the answer is obvious of course, trying to acquire new clients is a long and expensive process … and yet so many businesses only feel they are marketing if they are placing expensive adverts in the paper.

People who know about marketing spend time looking after their existing customer base before looking elsewhere. Of course we all need new customers; but finding them is very expensive whilst sending an email or undertaking some other form of promotion to existing customers is far more cost effective.

They made the effort to find you… so keep in touch

This is where gathering email addresses from existing customers and new prospects comes in. As I said earlier it is easier and more cost effective to email existing customers and prospects than to undertake any other marketing activity I know. All you need is the permission of the person you are sending information to and you can keep in contact on a regular basis.

Getting permission from them is important. Nothing is more annoying than receiving emails you don’t want….. and it is illegal to send them!

So how do you get email addresses and permission to use them?

How? Well it’s so simple most people think it can’t possibly work. It does work and the fact you have received this newsletter proves it.

Set up a section on your website that offers FREE ADVICE or the opportunity for a newsletter if visitors will submit their email address and permission for you to send them regular emails. This is known as “opting in” and is really important. If you don’t do this part correctly you will be breaking the law.

As I said this system is very effective and is an excellent way to keep in contact with existing and potential customers; it also works extremely well with casual visitors to your website and can boost the number of prospects interested in what you do at no extra cost. How good can that be?

Totally automated

The most amazing thing about this process is that it can be totally automated. You could of course use ordinary email and send a new email to everyone on your list when you have five minutes but you will have problems remembering to delete the names of people who want to be removed and could soon break the law.

The other thing you might forget is to add new people to the list and all the hard work of getting their address will be wasted! Let’s face it you need a list of 1000s of people to email with advice. Then if only 1% of them ask you to quote you will be well on your way to reaching your targets. In actual fact many companies convert 10-20% of the people receiving their newsletters….. and some do even higher than that.

The great thing about it being automated is the fact that it costs no more to send to 10,000 people than it does to 20.

I now have a lot of clients using E-customer systems and they are finding that it is possible to gather email addresses from casual visitors to their site. One client, using the system for the first time, recently picked up 150 email addresses in the first ten days without any money being spent. Another gathered over 450 email addresses in his first month.

If you need help with setting up a fully automated system give me a call and you will soon be making your marketing far more effective without spending too much time or money on the process.

I’m so convinced that this system works that I’m prepared to give you more information for FREE. If you need any more information on gathering or using email addresses, or indeed on any other marketing matter, why not give me a call. Think of it as investing 15 minutes in the future of your business. If you can find 15 minutes of your time I will match it with 15 minutes of my time and not charge you a penny.

I’m convinced that together we can find a way to make your marketing effort work harder for you. Used correctly my techniques can increase your profits by at least 10-200 %. Believe me it can be that high!

Best Wishes


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